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Product no aa727.
Old finnish creamer.
Height 8,7 cm, diameter of the mouth hole about 7 cm.

Product: 01704

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Arabia, low plate, Miranda, Svea Granlund

Product no ar006.
Arabia, low plate, Miranda, Svea Granlund. 1940's.
Diameter 25 cm.

Product: 00785

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Price: 20.00 €

Liqueur glass, Attu, Iittala glass

Item No. ak145.
Liqueur glass, Attu, for the year 1956 to 1970.
Height 10 cm, diameter 5 cm.
Shaped the superintendent, "Attu" Johansson's instructions...

Product: 398385

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Arabia deep plate, Casino, Göran Bäck

Item No. lah010. Arabia deep plate, Casino. Design, Göran Bäck. Year, 1975-81. Diameter 19.5 cm, height 4 cm, weight 401 g...

Product: 04810

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Dessert plate.

Item No. at226.
Dessert Plate.
Diameter 14 cm.
Note! Minor traces of use...

Product: 436486

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Arabia tea cup, Faenza. Design, Inkeri Seppälä.

Item No. lam644. Arabia tea cup, Faenza. Design, Inkeri Seppälä. Stamp, 1971-75. Cup height 6.5 cm, diameter 9.2 cm, and the total weight is 419 g.
Peter Winquistin VG-appointed dishes Faenza, when it was awarded the prestigious Italian ceramics in the Biennale in 1970. Arabia's production of Faenza..

Product: 07264

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Arabia wall plate, Kalevala, Väinämöinen playing on the Kantele

Item No. ad357.
  Arabia wall plate, Väinämöinen playing on the Kantele
  Akseli Gallen-Kallela, the jubilee year 1985.
  Diameter 22.7 cm, weight 643 g.


Product: 586502

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Sugar bowl, Finnish

Item No. ac477. Sugar Bowl, domestic. Height 15 cm, diameter 11 cm...

Product: 03662

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