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Shot glass, Jyväskylä, Kaj Franck

Product No. ae227. Shot glass, Jyväskylä. Design, Kaj Franck. Height 6 cm, diameter 3.5 cm, weight 44 g.

Product: 04257

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Price: 25.00 €

Arabia, ashtray

Product no aa418.
Arabia ashtray. 1930's.
Height  3,5 cm, diameter 10,5 cm.

Product: 01425

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Arabia wall plate, Iloa asumiseen, Heljä Liukko-Sundström

Item no. ad401.
Arabia wall plate Arabia, Joy of Living, VVO.

Design, Heljä Liukko-Sundström.

Year, 2000.
Width 11.5 cm, height 11.5 cm, weight 141 g.

Includes wall bracket.

Product: 03730

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Price: 85.00 €

Arabia, low dining plate, Arabia Art School a private painting.

Item No. lem343. Arabia, Arabia Art School low dining plate, a private painting.
Year 1958, signature T.K. Diameter 23 cm, weight 472 g...

Product: 07879

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Price: 40.00 €

Arabia, cutting-board, Valencia, Ulla Procopé

Product no ab303.
Arabia cutting-board, Valencia. Design, Ulla Procopé.
Height 21,5 cm, diameter 16,5 cm.
Ulla Procope was designed by the ND-Valencia in 1960, initially in the fruit and cheese tableware, parts of which were a big platter, fruit plates and three different types of candle feet. A great..

Product: 02169

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Price: 95.00 €

Drinking glass, Prisma, Kaj Franck

Product No. ae755. Drinking glass, Prisma. Design, Kaj Franck. Year, 1960. Height 6.5 cm, diameter 7.4 cm, weight 201 g.

Product: 04752

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Arabia deep plate, lace edge decoration, transfer photograph orange flower.

Item No. lam524. Arabia deep plate, lace edge decoration, transfer photograph orange flower. Stamp, 1932-49, pipe stamp. Height 3 cm, diameter 23 cm, weight 354 g...

Product: 07162

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Price: 30.00 €

Drinking/Beer glass, Herttua, Heikki Orvola

Product no jl048.
Drinking glass/beer stein, Herttua.
Design: Heikki Orvola, Arabia. Year: 1969.
Height 15,5 cm, diameter of the mouth hole 10 cm.

Product: 08731

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Price: 32.00 €