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Small domestic art bowl, Falco.

Item No. lem129. Small domestic art bowl, Falco. Height 3.5 cm, diameter 11 cm, weight 118 g...

Product: 07625

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Arabia bun tray. Item No. lak444.

Item No. lak444. Arabia bun tray. Diameter 33 cm, weight 1,315 kg...

Product: 06215

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Arabia, oval serving plate. Stamp, 1900-20

Item No. lak617. Arabia, oval serving plate. Stamp, 1900-20. Height 3.8 cm, width 43 ​​cm x 34 cm, weight 1,460 kg. Minor wear. AL-tableware, hand-painted in red and gold stripe decoration is complemented by a golden trissa stamp decoration. The bottom of the stamp is a rat's tail..

Product: 06377

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Arabia, deep plate, Saara, Anja Jaatinen-Winquist

Product no ab742.
Arabia, deep dinner plate, Saara. Design: Anja Jaatinen-Winquist.
Year. 1970's.
Diameter 20 cm.
Stone production of goods was to increase Arabia. Anja Jaatinen-Winquist was commissioned to design a model for a new set of dishes. M-tableware is known for ornamental ferrous color..

Product: 02602

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Glass vase

Product no aa70.
Glass vase. Height 20,5 cm.

Product: 01103

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Arabia, bun plate, Lady, Esteri Tomula

Product no ab895.
Arabia, bun plate, Lady.
Model: Richard Lindh. Decoration: Esteri Tomula.
1960's. Poslit material.
Diameter 17 cm.

Product: 02744

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Small creamer.

Item No. de181.
Small creamer.
Height 5 cm, 6 cm in diameter.
Very small roughness...

Product: 543831

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Arabia jar series, coffee pot, Esteri Tomula

Item No. lah374. Arabia jar series, coffee jar. Design, Esteri Tomula. Year, 1967. Height 13 cm, width 9 cm x 9 cm, weight 579 g.

Product: 06148

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