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Arabia - Finnish Design Factory

The Arabia brand is a pioneer of Finnish design. The product range consists of popular dish sets and interior design and gift products. Creative design, ceramic know-how and brand management create the core of Arabia.

Arabia develops and manufactures products for the home according to strict quality requirements, especially for consumers who value Finnish design. The starting points of Arabia's designs are timeless beauty, quality and functionality. Design and long-term product development have been based on understanding consumers' needs, thereby improving everyday life by providing durable products that last from one generation to the next.

Arabia ceramics factory part of Fiskars Group - The Arabia factory was founded in 1873 on a plot of land with the same name on the northern outskirts of Helsinki. Currently, the factory—the largest ceramics factory in the Nordic countries—is part of Fiskars Group and develops and manufactures products for both the Arabia and Iittala brands. The factory is still located at its birthplace on Hämeentie in Helsinki, at the heart of the developing city and residential area of Arabianranta.
Arabia factory's dishware - database is based on  items, photos and archives from the Design Museum and it's in 2005 combined Arabia Museum. Web galleries cover the over 2000 design's information very widely. All the parts of the complete set's are not presented on the web gallery. From the site it's possible to search products of a certain designer or search with the factory stamp and studying at the decorations. It's also possible to combine different search methods. (Unfortunately the service is at the time only in finnish)

Arabia - Use of Dishes properties

Oven and Freezer Durability

  • All the dishware meant for use are oven and freezer safe.
  • In oven use, make sure that the food covers the whole botton of the dish.
  • Be aware of the heatshock: don't transfer the dish straight from the oven to: cold, wet or steel surface.
    Or straight from freezer to the oven.
  • A container filled with liquid is not freezer proof, since liquid expands as it freezes.
  • Be aware of cracks, because it can break the item in fast temperature changes.

Microwave Durability

  • All dishware meant for use (exept the ones with gold, platinum or metal parts) are suitable for microwave use.
  • If you froze the food in a ceramic container, unfreeze it slowly or else the container may break.

Flame Resistance

  • Flame-resistant container with a stamp can cook, bake, simmer, heat - electric and gas hob, oven and open fire.
  • Receptacle should never be heated empty, without any fat or liquid in the bottom.
  • Hold the receptacle is lifted straight from the freezer to hot stove.
  • Flame-resistant containers do not fit flush the fat for cooking, not a monk or frying meat fondue pot.

Machine Wash Resistance

  • All of the dishes are dishwasher-safe, except for those with a decorative glaze on top (eg, gold and platinum ornaments).
  • Dispense and washing, the fabric softener according to the instructions.
  • If a washing or rinsing is poor or the surface of the formed film, try a different dosage or change your detergent.

Porcelain Cleaning

  • Food caked dirt, coffee or tea stains due to, caused by cutlery dark stripes.
  • Soaking in detergent overnight. Material is suitable for washing, for example, or detergent with bleach laundry detergent.
  • 1-3 tablespoons of detergent / 1 liter of water. After soaking, the normal brushing and rinsing. Cleaning can also be used by Nils Johan Hollywood metal cleaner that will not scratch cookware. Scraping or rubbing washer cleaning agent should not be used.
  • Home use, the preferred detergent is a bleaching agent, however, hold a washing powder or a paste of metal cleaner.
  • Remember to always rinse the containers thoroughly with plenty of warm water before re-introduction.