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Arabia small soup bowl, Paratiisi, Paradise. Original production. Design, Birger Kaipiainen.

Item No. lam569.

Arabia small soup bowl, Paradise. Original production.

Design, Birger Kaipiainen. Stamp, 1971-75.

The height of the lid knob 14 cm, a width of 16.3 cm x 14.9 cm, weight 970 g.

Designed in 1969, made in 1970-74.

The rich decoration was at its peak Arabian artist Birger Kaipiainen Paradise service, which was launched in 1970. The platters and bowls had an oval shape, such as Birger Kaipiainen wall plates.

"I can only do Kaipia" the artist once said. - And rightly so, because Birger Kaipiainen (1915-1988) is one of the most original ceramic artists, who worked at the Arabia Art Department. His field had its own specialty's unique pieces, but in the late 1960s were also presented Kaipiainen designed series, Paradise. "- It's all really still brainstorming stage. I plan to decorate them their own vegetable and fruit themes a bit like a dish on the wall at that ... "Kaipiainen was interested in the project after several years of persuasion. He wanted to move the set of dishes unique atmosphere of possessions, the tree of paradise, and the shape of an oval platters. The aptly named Paradise was put into production in 1969. Decorations were made and colorful, the black and white and one colored parts named also the theme: yellow Adam and white Eve.

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