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Arabia, rice grain porcelain, Friedl Kjellberg

Product no riis001.

Arabia, rice grain porcelain. Signed, Friedl Kjellberg.

Height 7 cm, diameter of the mouth 13 cm.

Small remark on the bottom.

Year: 1940-1990's

In the 1940s a number of decorative objects was an important addition. Then Friedl Kjellberg managed a ten-year result of hard work to revive the 1700's at the end of the rice from China porcelain technology. The early 1930s, Friedl had watched with admiration the Vienna Museum of Applied Arts Chinese rice small porcelain dish, Qianlong period. Whatever the form of a beautiful classical and technical perfection were left puzzled him, and so this became a small bowl the next ten years model of Friedl rice porcelain experiments. After numerous failures, success was obtained in 1941 and the beginning of mass production was reached within four years. Kjellberg set up a special department to which the porcelain rice chose to work smart and careful in women - rice porcelain making was not easy.

Manufacturing does not work mechanically. Porcelain thermal mass is brittle and cutting holes in the raw mass of delicate hands and demanding care. Holes is by no means to make the rice grains, as is often the beginning of thought. Friedl Kjellberg told how to be responsible for sales Arabia's wife heard the two discussing Rice porcelain. Another said to have seen how the holes were made of rice grains, while the other exclaimed, "Oh, and we have a shortage of rice grains." The sales manager phoned immediately Friedl Kjellberg and asked for a little corn, so that his children should be a good porridge. Well, the porridge ingredients Kjellberg could not promise. The holes are made by hand with a knife and a special drilled holes are cleaned up thoroughly. Perforated object crude is burned at 800 degrees, glazed and fired again to 1380°C for now. The glaze forms a hole on top of a thin film, which turns into the combustion through the glow.

Department of porcelain was at its height in 1950's and 60th centuries. The models were added to the market expands. In fact Fridl Kjellberg would be stuck to a small number of simple and small objects, but an increase in demand also called for a greater range of products.

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