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Arabia wall plate, Romantic Garden, Pet Supplies. Design, Riikka Hautamäki

Item No. lah865.

Arabia wall plate, Romantic Garden, Pet Supplies. Design, Riikka Hautamäki.

No. VII.

Diameter 19.5 cm, weight 430 g.

Romantic Garden is produced by Arabian valuable collection of collectors. Art Plate is of high quality porcelain vitro. Floral motif has been screen-print method. Art Seen board is coated with 24 carat gold plating handcrafted.

The seventh on a wonderful pet.

Charming original theme was designed and painted by the artist Riikka Hautamäki. Porcelain painter master Hautamäki has reached the highest degree in their field - the master of books has been granted only to a few.

Romantic Garden is a limited collection, published by the Finnish Kanteletar sold the exclusive rights.
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