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Arabia serving plate, blue and white. Design, Kurt Ekholm

Item No. lah571.

Arabia serving plate, blue and white. Design, Kurt Ekholm.

Height 3.5 cm, width 27.5 cm x 20 cm, weight 550 g.

More radical reform was aimed at a young Kurt Ekholm, the Arabia factory's artistic director. In Sweden, a student had the opportunity to explore their aspirations. Arabia were the current efficiency and standardization. A considerable part of the customer base was in the cities and industrial locations, adapt to cramped housing conditions, small kitchenette and storage facilities have been used for whole set of dishes.

To meet this need Ekholm designed blue-and white-tableware, which consisted of different sized sets of dishes, from which customers could choose according to their needs overall. Stacks was important, as well as affordable price. Set of dishes were collected in part, already in the production of objects and parts of the new design was assisted by Reinhard Richter and Olga Osol, who designed the bowl of broth. AR tableware has had a dozen decorations, which is best known for the original blue-white, glaze over a light blue engobe, or a color stripe.

AR Blue and White was the production years of 1936-56. Decorative stripe was subsequently transferred to Olga Osolin R tableware.

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