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Designer - Zontan Popovits

Zoltan Popovits (b. 1940 in Eger, Hungary) came to Finland in 1965 as a Fullbright- scholar. However, he remained in Finland after his studies in United States as a sculpturer. For the first year's he attended the Academy of Fine Arts School led by Kain Tapper and worked in Arabia 1969 - 1971. His unique creations at Arabia resemble typical of pop-art designs, with free trial, with strong graphic facets and lyster glazes.

Popovits also planned suggestions for water towers, which was a new form of language, and playful. Popovits is known, among other things from Lapponia jewelery, as a jewel designer and big space works in Helsinki like, Pursi at County communition center in Pasila.

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