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Designer - Tyra Lundgren

TYRA LUNDGREN (born 1897, died 1979 in Stockholm) studied in Stockholm, first at Högre konstindustriella skolan (Tekniska skolan Knostfack) in 1914-1918 and after that at Royal Swedish Academy of Arts (Konstakademien) in 1918-1922. Besides working in periods at Arabia during 1924-1937, Tyra Lundgren also worked at Rörstrand porcelain factory as an artistic director in 1929-1930 and had own atelier at Gustavsberg factory in 1940-1950.

She was internationally most known and respected artists of the factory. At Arabia she worked as an artistic director and designed i.a. AC dish set model, decorative items, miniature figures and naturalistic face reliefs of which was conveyed playful attitude towards era's ideals of classisism.

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Coffee cup, Koivunurpu, Tyra Lundgren

Soup pot, Irma, Tyra Lundgren