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Designer - Taisto Kaasinen

TAISTO KAASINEN (born 1918 in Savonlinna, died 1980 in Vantaa) had practiced art in private tuition in 1983-1947 after which he started work at Arabia factory studying ceramics manufacture and designing in guidance of Olga Osol. Kaasinen worked at Arabia from 1947 to 1952, left for Sweden, but came came to Arabia in 1962. Arabia designers designed large commission works also for vessels completed in Wärtsilä dockyard.

Kaasinen completed several such works for car ferries and ice breakers. He also designed and fulfilled tens of monumental works to both Sweden and Finland, i.a. outerwall of Hermanni parish house in Helsinki. Typical themes for him were human and animal characters which were implemented of chamote mass as bursting of strength but at the same time as humorous sculptures.

Monumenta reliefs made of earthenware Kaasinen has used thick colour glazings, strong colours and mosaic technique, miniature sculptures are decorated with glazings of different shades of brown.

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Figure, dog - Taisto Kaasinen