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Designer - Rut Bryk

RUT BRYK (born 1916 in Stockholm, died 1999 in Helsinki) started working for Arabia Art Department in 1942. She had an education of a graphic artist. At first she designed unique, non-thrown which she implemented with sgraffito technique and later with strong coloured, multi layer glazings as colour got gemstone like shades and artwork resembled glass paintings. After the 1960's she designed several monumental ceramic reliefs composed of small casted, polished and glazed ceramic tiles with plastered stitchings pasted on wood or stave sheets.

Since 1969 as Bryk's assistant worked Kirsti Bruun; tiles were casted by Erkki Järvinen and glazings were developed in Arabia laboratory in supervision of Helge Forsberg. Remarkable monumental works she designed for i.a. ferry Finlandia (Pilviä, 1967), Helsinki City Hall (Kaupunki Auringossa, 1975) and Embassy of Finland in New Delhi (Kevään tulo pohjoiseen, 1984). Her last work in 1991 was Jäävirta, designed for Mäntyniemi, the official residence of  The President of the Republic of Finland.

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