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Designer - Paul Envalds

PAUL ENVALDS (born 1945 in Helsinki) graduated as ceramist from current Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 1971. He started working in Arabia Department of Plaster Castings as manufacturer of prototypes and model casts in 1963  and as a trainee in Art Department in 1964. The first year he worked as an assistant for Birger Kaipiainen and the next five years for Toini Muona.

In 1970 he started as an independent artist in Art Department and as a member of silicate group leaded by Kaj Franck. Characteristic to Envald's works are cast sculptural, surprising organic shapes and aspiration away from unambiguous pot models. Scarce black-brown temmoku glazings and salt glazings as well as different surfaces from masses create more excitement into his works. Envalds has taken part in various exhibitions both in Finland and overseas and he has been awarded with Grand Prix at Vallauri International Ceramics Exhibition in 1972. Since 1975 Envalds has had his own pottery in Seutulankylä, Vantaa, with ceramist Garitzim Hansen.

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