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Designer - Muona Toini

TOINI MUONA (born 1904, died 1987 in Helsinki) studied at the Central School of Art and Design Department of Scetch Drawing in 1923-1926 and accomplished postgraduate studies of ceramics in 1926-1923. Meanwhile her studies she worked in Atelier Vigli as a textile designer in 1929-1931 after which she moved to Arabia Art Department where she worked until 1970. The same year she was awarded with State of Finland's Industrial Arts Award.

Toini Muona was a skilful wheel-thrower and tried out versatilely and boldly different glazings on her vases, urns and art objects, especially in the beginning of her career. The most known production of hers are nature inspired hay vases, of which theme she widened to wall tiles in the 1950's. Relief surface of the tiles has been printed with dried plants. As Toini Muona's potter since the 1950's worked Erkki Järvinen who fulfilled even the most difficult wishes and plans of artists of Arabia Art Department.

Since the 1940's Muona moved to more restrained glazings and wall plates designed in the 1960's, with her plain style and sophisticated, highlighted details attach works to the era's typical minimalism at the latest. As masses Muona used diversely porcelain, earthenware and chamote.

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Arabia, beer-mug, desing Toini Muona

Arabia, bun plate, Toini Muona