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Designer - Kauko Rajala

Kauko Rajala (b. 1925 in Noormarku) studied for a ceramist in the art industry central school in 1949 - 1951. He began to works in Arabia 1950 as a potter in the electric insulator department, after that he was an assistant to Kaj Franck's in product design department until 1953. Rajala worked 1953 - 1961 in small workshops as a potter, but in 1950 he went back to Arabia's product department, working ex. As an assistant for Ulla Procopé. Kauko Rantala has been been, the Arabia factories artists right-hand man, maker in who's hand's many succesful designs have been created.

Designing for industrial craftmanship is reguired: Many designers sketch their ideas on paper, where the model will be made in the workshop. Kauko Rajala has had an important role in the success of Arabia dishware sets. He was awarded the master's work state prize in 1982 for his work in the handcraft industry. In addition to his day job, he also made his own unique mini series and unique objects, where the balance of shapes combined with white, green and ox reddish glazes.

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