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Designer - Kati Tuominen-Niittylä

Kati Tuominen-Niittylä (Born 1947 in Helsinki) studied for a ceramic artist in Art and Design 1972 - 1976. After that she had her own workshop in Helsingfors, since 1980 she has worked for Arabia.

Her most famous pieces are unique pieces, which she throws, hand builds and cast's herself. In her earlier production you can see her intrest in ceramic history, what can be found underground from tomb findings or what sun-drenched does for the look. Later in her production structure of the object and surface engineering are reduced. In her unique ceramic works colors are warm, ceramic and close to nature.

For factory made mass produced Storybird-cans, she tried can use utensil be a sculpture. Pitcher came popular, their long beaks, chubby stomachs and expression like figure was what humans liked. Popular has also been products designed with Pekka Peikkari (Domino- set) and Koko- dishware set made with Kristiina Riska. Also she has designed many items for the Arabian Pro Arte series. She has participated in numerous exhibitions abroad and at home. She is also a member at the Arabia Art Society Department.

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Glass jug, Gluck, Kati Tuominen-Niittylä

Glass jug, Gluck - Kati Tuominen-Niittylä

Creamer, Omar, Kati Tuominen-Niittylä