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Designer - Kaj Franck

KAJ FRANCK (born 1911 in Viipuri, died 1989 in Greece) graduated in 1932 as an interior designer from current Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. He did interior design and textile design works on service for different companies until Second World War.

After the War Franck began work at Arabia as usage ceramics designer. Shortage of raw material and tight economical situation prevailed in Finland as well as at the same time happened big social changes created new starting points and demands also for design.

Franck's BA/Kilta dishes taken for sale in 1953 have been considered to be this new design ideology's first manifestations. Arabia Product Design Department started gradually to build up around Franck by talented young designers and the factory's strong knowhow.

Product design group consisted of Franck, wheel-turner Göran Bäck, scetch drawer Kaarina Aho and ceramist Ulla Procopé in co-operation created new ceramic utensils policy of clean stylish, practical and design functionality for Arabia owned by Wärtsilä.

Franck's idea of designer's anonymity was followed at the department: designer's name was not highlighted because of ceramic factory's production was, how ever, about a mass product designed by team work. The factory's famous manufacture tradition continued in Franck and his design group's products' basic functional dishes which adapted peasant ceramics and traditional ceramic setting dishes in their practicality.

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Art jug, Kaj Franck

Dessert bowl, Kaj Franck

Coffee cup, Illusia. Design, Kaj Franck