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Designer - Heikki Orvola

HEIKKI ORVOLA (born 1943 in Helsinki) studied ceramics at current Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 1963-1968. He began working already in 1967 designing festive and elegant glass items both for Nuutajärvi glass factory's production and for unique items. Glass became Orvola's trademark material. Back to ceramics he went in 1987 while starting work in Arabia Art Department.

In the 1980's he designed function dishes for Rörstrand and for Arabia dish set HKO/Moreeni of which designs convey functionality and craft to use ceramic material. For multipurpose and one of the most popular dish sets of Arabia has become Orvola's designed 24h of which precisely considered, small amount of dishes was a response to change in Finnish dishes and dining habits.

In 1998 together with Fujiwo Ishimoto Orvola has designed Illusia, Arabia's 125. anniversary tableware. Its soft shapes, white vitro porcelain luxury and layering decoration in setting the the table have been implemented with personal and elegant way; shape repeats also in Lumi dishes.

Orvola has designed items for several Arabia's Pro Arte sets, Carambola vases made of bone porcelain have become classics. Heikki Orvola has been awarded with multiple prizes i.a. State of Finland's Industrial Arts Award in 1980 and Kaj Franck Design Award in 1998. He is a member of Arabia Art Department Association.

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Arabia coffee pot, Balladi, Heikki Orvola

Arabia, creamer, Moreeni, Bebop, Heikki Orvola