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Designer - Greta Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman

GRETA.LISA JÄDERHOLM-SNELLMAN (born 1894 in Helsinki, died 1973 in Alicante, Spain) worked at Arabia from 1921 to 1937 as consumption and decoration items designer. Later she managed Arabia Department of Kauniimpaa arkitavaraa. She had sturdy knowledge of European culture since she had studied in Paris and Scandinavia.

Her ceramist items design was close to traditional Chinese ceramists and they also had stylized features of ancient Persian and Egyptian cultures characteristic to the 1920's and 1930's. As a balance to the stylized design decorations were matt, broken grey and green shades.

As an effect of decoration was used krakelointi of the glaze, gold and platinum painting, even metal erosion, which invokes value of precious metals and gems.

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Bun plate - Hopearaita - Greta-Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman

Sugar bowl - Hopearaita - Greta-Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman

Bun plate - Hopearaita - Greta-Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman