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Designer - Göran Bäck

GÖRAN BÄCK (p. 1923 Kruunupyy) worked in 1941 with the potter's wheel and with his clay manufacturer sister Rakel Bäck's witch owned her own pottery. Rachel was studying at the Central School of Art and Design under Elsa Elenius and siblings were living during the war simple matter to swap. Arabia, Göran Bäck sanitation department began work as an apprentice potter, but the poor conditions in Helsinki, boredom, he returned Kronoby. In 1945, he had to learn the potter's potter's wheel and the professions in a small shop and factory Inkeroinen Kera Oy, Kauniainen.

Arabia, he returned to the same end of the year Ara Department potter's wheel and made ornaments. A few months after he reached the potter's wheel, Kaj Franck's assistant at the product design category. Initially, Bäck produced three-dimensional prototypes of Franck's ideas were going to develop further. In 1957, Brook began the year by the factory in Germany to study product design, after which he began to work independently Arabia, industrial design and mass production involved.

His first major work was A model of tableware design from 19959-61. Goran therefore considered important that the most famous dishes is a durable, stackable, and the public, the private use of the GB-designed to fit the model. It was made for durable glaze and the use of Arabic was chosen by the strongest. Göran Bäck retired Arabia in 1986.

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Mocha cup, Heather, Göran Bäck

Oven casserole - serving dish görän bäck

Sugar bowl, Göran Bäck