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Designer - Fujiwo Ishimoto

FUJIWO ISHIMOTO (born 1941 in Ehime, Japan) graduated as a textile designer from Tokyo National University of Artista in 1964. After working for a few years as a graphic artist in Japan he came to Finland and has designed interior textiles for Marimekko since 1974. At Arabia he started artistic activity supported by a grant from culture foundation in 1989.

His early works in the Art Department are based on hometown ceramics traditions, implementations on Japanese folklore and shapes on Japanese food and customs tradition. The works he has implemented with fine and coarse chamote mass allowing the traces of work to be seen and decorated them by spraying and painting and with colourful enkopei and glazings.

Later the shape has developed into landscapes of tensions created by the opposites of material and glazing. Latest ceramic works are flowers in which the diversity of nature has been reduced to material, simple geometric but still twisting and layered entity; the brightness of colours remind of Japanese lacquer works.

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Bun plate - Illusia - Kaj Franck and Fujiwo Ishimoto

Coffee cup - Illusia - Kaj Franck and Fujiwo Ishimoto