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Designer - Friedl Kjellberg

FRIEDL (HOLZER-) KJELLBERG (born 1905 in Loeben, Austria, died 1993 in Porvoo) had attended school for Industrial Arts in Graz and typical for that time became excited about the traditions of classical ceramics manufacture, especially Chinese Song era ceramics. In Arabia Art Department Kjellberg had a long career during years 1924-1970, and was in charge of the department in 1948-1950. In Art Department production he accomplished a lot of material and glazing experiments.

His 1920's production has characteristics of Wiener Werkstätte: shapes are plastic and glazing works more as decoration but not so much as independent element. In the 1930's in her ceramics could be seen classical simple designs, relief themes, glazings were of broken grey and brown shades, which were very typical to that time. From this period are also tea table tops and plates painted with blue cobolt, in which the theme is a classical described woman character.

Wheel-turned bowls and bottles with Deladon glaze already refer to desire to do glazing experiments. The most deep turquoise colour pea cock glazes and the most red ox blood glazes were born in the 1940's and 1950's when Kjellberg herself started to mix and test fire his glazes in the factory laboratory. The first thin rice grain porcelain experiments Friedl Kjellberg did in the early 1940's and developed technique suitable for the production. At Arabia factory underneath her worked separate rice grain porcelain department where exacting products were hand made.

Kjellberg also designed five-volume FK porcelain dish set which was introduced in Helsinki art hall in 1950. The idea was to set a table with two low plates and three bowls of different sizes; the dishes were decorated with dark brown or yellow glaze or just plain white surface of the porcelain. The dish set didn't get unreserved popularity of the audience and was on mass production only for three years.

Another dish set on production was of rice grain porcelain made Helmi in which pearl shaped holes decorate the sides of four low plates of different sizes and two different sizes bowls. The set also included brown lidded pots.

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Mocha cup - Leaf - Friedl Kjellberg

Art bowl - Friedl Kjellberg

Rice grain porcelain - Friedl Kjellberg