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Designer - Francesca Lindh

FRANCESCA (MASCITTI-) LINDH (born 1931 in Anversa degli Abruzzi, Italy) studied in Rome during 1946-1948 and at the Institute of Industrial Arts in 1949-1952 as a ceramist and after that she had an atelier with her spouse Richard Lindh in Helsinki. She worked in Arabia Art Department in 1955-1959. She is known for unique ceramics, rustique vases and pots, often with two spouts, as in traditional Mediterranean countries' water jugs.

She wheel-turned her items in the 1950's and 1960's and did a lot of shape experiments by cutting open already wheel-turned, often closed items. Since then her expression developed more plentiful, structure of ceramic material was highlighted, she rolled delicate plant subjects on clay tiles, boldly combined materials and decorated leaf-like shapes and used delicate pastel shades as well as lyster glazes. Mass of different shades of white, blue and brown formed meandering and structural landscapes on the surfaces of three dimension pots and reliefs.

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