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Designer - Esteri Tomula

Esteri Tomula (b. 1920 in Helsinki d. 1998 in Helsinki) started her work 1978 in Arabia porcelain department as a decorative painter and continued 1963 - 1984 as a decorative designer. As a graduate porcelain painter from Central School of Art and Design she was especially productive decorator, who in a few exceptions didn't design themes for the factory.

Esteri Tomula's subjects are flowers, plants and mushrooms witch she drew alot, but in the product planning meetings only couple was approved. Decorations were made by hand painting at the factory like porcelain fruit knives handels, or screen and copper printing for serial production. Factory named Finel witch was part of the the same group as Arabia producted many enamel cookware, where Esteri Tomula designed combatitible decorations for ceramic containers.

Tomulas most well known decorations are baced upon  human figuerish they are scatterers Eskimo and Lappalainen 1960-70, and the turn of the century 1950, decorative Pastolare ornament.

The best-known presented mass producted decorations are Botanica-set (1978-89), Primavera (1970-74), Sinilehti (1970-74), Elsa (1971-72), Irina (1971-72), Mira (1971-72), Ansa (1971-72), Vanamo (1973-74), Aurinko (1973-74), Gardenia (1973-74), Varpu (1971-73), Helluntai (1971-73), Aprilli (1971-73), Marja (1973), Vegeta (1966-70), Rosette (1983), Sinikello (1984-87), Raita (1971-73), Katrilli (1975-77), Kartano (1973-76), Krokus (1978-79), Flora (1979-81), Polar (1978-85).

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Flower vase, Vanamo, Esteri Tomula

Jar series, the coffee pot, Esteri Tomula

Aprilli, Esteri Tomula