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Designer - Aune Siimes

After graduating from the Central School of Art and Design in 1932 Aune Siimes (b. 1909 in Wärtsilä, d. 1964) began to work in decoration department, in addittion she did assist Greta Lisa Jäderholm-Snelmann by painting her designs and creating couple of her own decorations and ornaments.

In the early days of her career she made many animal-figurines and stylized people-themed figurines. She also wheel-tuned and made early experiments in glaze to stoneware vases and bowls. Inspiration to her porcelain work Siimes got from souvenirs from Italy by Kurt Ehkolm witch were ceramic flower ornaments.

She was inspired to make naturalistic floral compositions, which became her best known porcelain manufactured jewelry. When doing porcelain, she began to shape casting thin layers consisting to the plates and saucers. Siimes knew well the porcelain materia: She mixed needed materials and glazing into white porcelain, also she used colored porcelain-masses and developed herself an unique porcelain cast-cutting technology.

Thin, delicate made in several layers casted bowls and vases, which formed the decorations when looked with the right light you could see flower petals and wavy patterns, they were part of the core production with plantworld like product's made by Siimes. She designed vase series for mass production and decorations to economic goods.

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