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Arabia serving dish, berries pattern. Design, model, Kilta, Kaj Franck.

Item No. lam140. Arabia serving dish, berries pattern.
Design, model, Kilta, Kaj Franck. Stamp, 1949-62. Height 3.5 cm, width 31 cm x 21,2 cm, weight 1,070 kg.

Product: 06837

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Arabia, bun plate, Rauma

Item No. ac481. Arabic bun plate, Rauma, Finland. Year, 1968. Diameter 17.3 cm...

Product: 03666

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Domestic drinking glass.

Item no kam042.
Domestic drinking glass.
Height 14 cm, diameter 5.5 cm, weight 229 g...

Product: 08626

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Arabia, coffee cup, Tunturi, Olga Osol

Item No. ad333. Arabia coffee cup, Fell. Design, Olga Osol. Year, 1960. Height 7.3 cm, diameter 6.8 cm, weight 342 g.

Product: 08252

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Serving plate. Manufacturer, Riihimäki glass.

Item No. lam386. Serving plate. Manufacturer, Riihimäki glass. Year 1920-40s. Milled base, minor signs of use. Height 3.5 cm, diameter 21 cm, weight 554 g...

Product: 07089

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Arabia, deep plate

Product no aa685.
Arabia deep dinner plate. 1960's. Diameter 19,5 cm.

Product: 01661

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Arabia Arctica Alexandra bun tray, Inkeri Leivo

Item No. lah874.
Arabia Arctica Alexandra bun tray.
Model KS, Arctica. Design, Inkeri. Year, 1979.
From the oven to the table, take a microwave oven and dishwasher...

Product: 05664

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Arabia, serving bowl, Heini, Raija Uosikkinen

Product No. ae717. Arabia, serving bowl, Heini. Design, Raija Uosikkinen. Year, 1957-71. Height 10,5 cm, diameter 21,5, weight 856 g. Weight of copper ornaments.
Kaarina Aho, the AR model. Ornamental Heini is Raija Uosikkinen designed and was awarded the gold medal at the 1961 exhibition in the..

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