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Glass carafe

Product no lk055.
Glass carafe.
Height 27 cm.

Product: 00690

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Price: 120.00 €

Arabia oval serving plate, Mökki, Rainer Baer

Item no lam864.
Arabia oval serving plate, Cottage. Design, Rainer Baer.
The mass  stamp.
Height 3 cm, width 32 cm x 22 cm, weight 751 g.
Gold plating is wearing. Interest is the cottage-decoration rare domestic version of the original cottage saucer edges sprig of olive trees have been replaced..

Product: 08491

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Price: 50.00 €

Wall plate, Kala, Heljä Liukko-Sundström

Product no aa776.
Arabia wall plate, Kala. Design: Heljä Liukko-Sundström.
Height 31 cm, width 15,7 cm, weight 650 g.

Product: 01756

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Price: 95.00 €

Drinking glass, Kalinka, Timo Sarpaneva

Item No. ad063 Drinking glass, Kalinka. Design: Timo Sarpaneva. Year 1981. Height 13 cm, diameter 7cm. Weight 0.286 kg.

Product: 03852

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Price: 25.00 €

Candlestick, Lumme, Kerttu Nurminen

Product no ab203.
Kynttilänjalka, Waterlily. Design, Kerttu Nurminen, Nuutajärvi. Year, 1979-1980.
Height 5 cm, diameter 15,5 cm.

Product: 02060

Stock: 3 pcs

Price: 55.00 €65.00 €

Arabia coffee cup. Model XA7660. Japan ornaments.

Item No. lam331. Arabia coffee cup. Model XA7660. Tower stamp, the year 1917-27. Fine lady decorative edge. The cup height 6.5 cm, diameter 6.7 cm, weight 175 g. Rare...

Product: 07037

Stock: 0 pcs

Price: 45.00 €

Glass Vase, Cumulus. Design, Markku Salo, Nuutajärvi.

Item No. de794.
Glass Vase, Cumulus. Design, Markku Salo, Nuutajärvi.
Height 10 cm, width 10 cm x 9 cm.
Small (1mm) note on the edge...

Product: 647531

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Price: 65.00 €

Glass vase

Product no aa725.
Glass vase. Height 22,5 cm, diameter 6,7 cm.

Product: 01702

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Price: 85.00 €