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Bun plate, Fauna, Oiva Toikka

Item No. ad132.
Bun plate, Fauna. Design: Oiva Toikka.
Diameter 17.3 cm.
Weight 0.327 kg.

Product: 03967

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Price: 25.00 €

Arabia wall plate, Flora & Fauna, Eve Sivula & Pekka Toivanen

Item No. lah526. Arabia wall plate, Flora & Fauna. Design, Eve Sivula & Pekka Toivanen. Year, 2007. Width 20.5 cm, height 20.5 cm, weight 602 g. Arabia started in 2000, the new art collector plate series. Collector of Things theme chosen for the Finnish animal tales that describe the insight of..

Product: 05318

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Price: 65.00 €

Small statue, Kupittaan Savi

Product no ac353.
Kupittaan Savi, small figure.
Height 3,5 cm, width 3 cm x 3 cm.

Product: 03170

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Price: 25.00 €

Arabia, bun plate, Myrna. Design, Olga Osol.

Item No. lam606. Arabia, bun plate, Myrna. Design, Olga Osol. Model AX, Myrna transfer photograph. Stamp, Made in Finland, 71. Diameter 15.7 cm, weight 169 g. A slight signs of use.
Year: 1937-2005 Design: Olga Osol The late 1930s, the production was designed by Olga Osolin Empire-style AX..

Product: 07892

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Ashtray, The State

Item No. at442. Ashtray, The State. Height 3.8 cm, diameter 11.5 cm...

Product: 389664

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Arabia coffee cup, model KR, design Inkeri Leivo

Item No. lak532. Arabia, coffee cup. Model KR. Design, Inkeri Leivo. 
Year 1984-88 Cup height 5.5 cm, diameter 7.4 cm...

Product: 06305

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Arabia, wall plate, Lingonberry, Kerttu Nurminen

Product no ab830.
Arabia wall plate, Lingonberry. Design: Kerttu Nurminen.
Diameter 12 cm x 12 cm.

Product: 02669

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Price: 40.00 €

Arabia, Veera, Esteri Tomula, low dining plate

Item No. lah368. Arabia, Veera ,Esteri Tomula,  low dining plate. Year 1960-70's. Diameter 23.5 cm, weight 417 g.

Product: 05162

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Price: 45.00 €