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Arabia serving plate, Palermo, Dorrit von Fieandt

Product No. ae770. Arabia serving plate, Palermo. Design, Dorrit von Fieandt. Year, 1987. Height 3.2 cm, diameter 32.5 cm, weight 1.572 g. Hand-painted...

Product: 04739

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Arabia, low plate

Product no aa686.
Arabia low plate. 1960's.
Diameter 23 cm.

Product: 01659

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Arabia sauce bowl and saucer, Sara, Heinz Engler

Item No. at146. Arabia sauce bowl and saucer, Sara. Stamp 1964-71. Bowl diameter 19 cm, height 8.4 cm. Dish diameter 17 cm. Arabia was prepared in the early 1950s, genuine porcelain are still some traditional designs. Also, the replacement came in the long term topical. The task was entrusted to the..

Product: 386369

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Arabia, wall plate

Item No. ad383. Arabia wall plate. Pedestrians in the Market Square waterfront. Photo from the 1890s. City of Helsinki. Height 20 cm, width 20 cm, weight 652 g...

Product: 03780

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Arabia, soup pot, Siro

Product no ar038.
Arabia, soup pot.
Model FG, Hard faience. Arabia's catalogue 1967.

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Glass ball

Item No. lah204. Glass ball. Height 5.5 cm, diameter 6 cm, weight 365 g...

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Arabia, seasoningpot

Product no ab243.
Arabia seasoningpot, Black Pepper. 1980's.
Height 7,5 cm, diameter 6 cm.

Product: 02122

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Deep dining plate. Manufacturer, porcelain Arzberg, Germany.

Item No. lam917. Deep dining plate. Manufacturer, porcelain Arzberg, Germany. Romantic flower arrangements. Hand-lithography porcelain. Dishwasher safe and heat in the microwave. The clover leaf product. Height 4 cm, diameter 23, weight 377 g.

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