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Arabia, coffee cup, Valencia, Ulla Procopé

Product no ac36.
Arabia coffee cup, Valencia, Design: Ulla Procopé. 1960's.
Hand-painted decoration.
Ulla Procope was designed by the ND-Valencia in 1960, initially in the fruit and cheese tableware, parts of which were a big platter, fruit plates and three different types of candle feet. A great..

Product: 02859

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Glass Carafe, Sirkku Kumela-Lehtonen, Kumela

Product no aa345.
Glass carafe + 6 glasses, Kumela.
Design, Sirkku Kumela-Lehtonen.
Year, 1960-1976. Altogether 175 €.
Height of carafe 15,5 cm, height of schnapps glass 6 cm, mouth's diameter 4,5 cm.

Product: 01371

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Arabia, herring platter, Anna

Item No. lak910. Arabia, herring platter. Year, 1932-49, pipe stamp. Height 2.5 cm, width 21 cm x 10.7 cm, weight 206 g...

Product: 06635

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Artglass, crystal bowl, Tapio Wirkkala

Item No. aa809.
Art glass, crystal bowl. Design, Tapio Wirkkala. Year, 1955.
Signed. Line cut. Height 10 cm, diameter 8 cm...

Product: 01781

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Arabia low dinner plate, 24h, Avec. Design, Heikki Orvola

Item No. lem792.
Arabia low dinner plate, 24, Avec.
Design, Heikki Orvola. Year, 1990s figure.
Diameter 25.5 cm, weight 743 g.
Oven, microwave and dishwasher-proof dish.

Product: 08323

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Drinking glass, Kartio, Kaj Franck

Product no ab768.
Colored drinking glass, Kartio. Nuutajärven lasitehdas.
Design: Kaj Franck. 1950's.
Height 8 cm, diameter of the mouth hole 8 cm.
Color: Blueberry.

Product: 02613

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Arabia fish serving plate, Tuuli, Heljä Liukko-Sundström

Product No. ae482. Arabia fish serving plate, Wind. Design, Heljä Liukko-Sundström. Year, 1980s. Stoneware. Height 4 cm, width 41 cm x 21 cm, weight 1.205 kg...

Product: 04487

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Tillander, enamel / silver spoon, Sterling Finland

Item No. lak967. Tillander, enamel / silver spoon, Sterling Finland. The spoon length 10 cm, weight 12 g. The concentration of silver 925 Year stamp Q7, year, 1969...

Product: 06689

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