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Artglass, bowl, Göran Hongell

Item No. ac376.
Art glass, bowl. Design, Goran Hongell, Karhula. Signed. Height 8.5 cm, diameter 19 cm...

Product: 03206

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Price: 225.00 €

Small women casting, Kupittaa clay

Product No. ae281. Small women casting. Manufacturer, Kupittaa clay. Height 8.5 cm, width 3.5 cm x 2 cm, weight 115 g...

Product: 04296

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Price: 40.00 €

Whisky glass, Sampo, Heikki Orvola

Product no ac145.
Whisky glass, Sampo. Design, Heikki Orvola.
Height 9,5 cm, diameter 8 cm, weight 354 g.

Product: 02963

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Price: 25.00 €

Arabia, deep dinner plate, Ruska, Ulla Procopé

Product no ab339.
Arabia, deep dinne plate, Ruska. Design, Ulla Procopé. 1970's.
Diameter 19,8 cm.
Around the same time with Valencia, in 1960, became the production, designed by Ulla Procopé S dinnerware, which material was incomparably strong gray stoneware. Decoration was initially closely linked..

Product: 02208

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Arabia, candle lantern

Tuote nro ac651.
Arabia, candle lantern.
Height 7,5 cm, diameter 10,5 cm, weight 182 g.

Product: 03403

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Arabia, soup pot, Paratiisi, Paradise, Birger Kaipiainen

Product no ac569.
Arabia soup pot, Paratiisi (Paradise). Design, Birger Kaipiainen. Year, 1970's.
Height 20 cm, diameter 19,5 cm x 18 cm, weigth 1.918 kg.
Year: 1969-1974, 1987 - The rich decoration was at its peak Arabian artist Birger Kaipiainen Paradise service, which was launched in 1970. The..

Product: 03331

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Price: 280.00 €

Drinking glass, Niva, Tapio Wirkkala

Product no ab724.
Drinking glass, Niva. Design: Tapio Wirkkala.
Height 14,3 cm, diameter 6,7 cm.

Product: 611335

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Price: 35.00 €

Arabia figure, Zebra

Item No. ad337. Arabia figure, Zebra. Design, Art Department ARA Arabia. Height 12 cm, width 23.5 cm, weight 542 g. A small foot note, in figure 2. The left ear is glued...

Product: 03739

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Price: 345.00 €