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Lomonosov, Polar bear.

Item No. lem784.
Lomonosov, Polar bear. Made in USSR.
Height 11.5 cm, width 12 cm, weight 245 g.
Stamp before 1990...

Product: 08335

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Arabia wall plate, Lapland series. Design, Toivo G. Utriainen

Item No. lem620. Arabia wall plate, Lapland series. Design, Toivo G. Utriainen. Diameter 11.8 cm, weight 128 g...

Product: 08109

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Arabia small serving bowl, blue and white. Design, Kurt Ekholm.

Item No. lah569.
Arabia small serving bowl, blue and white. Design, Kurt Ekholm. Height 4.5 cm, width 22.3 cm x 16.5 cm, weight 375 g.
More radical reform was aimed at a young Kurt Ekholm, the Arabia factory's artistic director. In Sweden, a student had the opportunity to explore their aspirations..

Product: 05362

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Arabia, mocha cup, Zaida, Olga Butkevitsch.

Product no ar169.
Arabia, mocha cup, Zaida. Model: OC, design: Greta Lisa Jäderholm-Snelman.
Decoration: Olga Butkevitsch.

Product: 00238

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Arabia sauce bowl, Diana, Einar Forseth

Product No. ae314.
Arabia sauce bowl, Diana. Design, Einar Forseth. Year, 1928-32, tower stamp. Height 11.5 cm, width 21 cm x 11.5 cm, weight 556 g.
DK-tableware designer is conflicting information. Rococo design was originally Rörstrand. It was renewed in 1927 by replacing the knobs shaped ears..

Product: 04350

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Candlestick / Candleholder, Alfa 466. Design, Markku Salo

Item No. lak723. Candlestick / Candleholder, Alfa 466 Design, Markku Salo, Nuutajärvi. Year 1988. Height 18 cm, diameter 6 cm, weight 218 g...

Product: 192424

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Glass jug, Tzarina, Nanny Still

Product no ab73.
Glass jug, Tzarina.  Design, Nanny Stil, Riihimäen lasi.
Height 23,5 cm, diameter 9 cm. Year 1964-1972.
Series include also drinking glasses, product no ab72.

Product: 01950

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Arabia, bun plate, Harlekin Gold, Inkeri Leivo

Product no ab348.
Arabia bun plate, Harlekin Gold. Design: Inkeri Leivo. Years: 1988-1997.
Diameter 16,7 cm.

Product: 1065631

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