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Arabia sugar bowl, Anemone (Vuokko). Design, Raija Uosikkinen

Item No. lah453. Arabia sugar bowl, Anemone. Design, Raija Uosikkinen. Year, 1949-64. Height 5 cm, diameter 8 cm, weight 84 g...

Product: 05246

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Arabia, bun plate, Kaj Franck

Product no ar253.
Arabia, bun plate.
Model-OZ. Design: Kaj Franck.

Product: 00335

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Arabia, creamer, Myrna, Olga Osol

Product no ae642.
Arabia creamer, Myrna. Design: Olga Osol.
Height 9 cm, diameter 8.5 cm, weight 198 g.
Year: 1937-2005 Design: Olga Osol The late 1930s, the production was designed by Olga Osolin Empire-style AX dinner. It produced shade of porcelain and stoneware, and later in vitro porcelain..

Product: 04633

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Wall plate, Suomen Presidentit / Finnish presidents

Product no aa726.
Arabia wall plate, Suomen Presidentit / Finnish presidents. Lauri Relander.
The plate is designed by Veikko Roininen, it belongs to a collection series called "Suomen presidentit/Finnish presidents". It's manufactured by Arabia and only one batch is made.
Year: 1982. Diameter 20..

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Glass carafe

Product no lk036.
Glass carafe.
Gold ornament. 
Height 37 cm.

Product: 00671

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Candlestick / Candleholder, Alfa 466. Design, Markku Salo

Item No. lak723. Candlestick / Candleholder, Alfa 466 Design, Markku Salo, Nuutajärvi. Year 1988. Height 18 cm, diameter 6 cm, weight 218 g...

Product: 192424

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Ground-glass vase. Design, Ilmari Kumela, Oy Kumela. Color, light turquoise.

Item No. lem284. Ground-glass vase. Design, Ilmari Kumela, Oy Kumela. Color, light turquoise. Height 15.5 cm, diameter 9 cm, weight 271 g. There are slight signs of use...

Product: 07858

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Glass dolphin, Tuusulanjärvi crystal

Product no pk001.
Tuusulanjäri crystal, glass dolphin.
Length 29 cm, width 7 cm, height 10 cm.
Signature RM. Handmade.

Product: 00544

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