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Pressed glass sugar bowl. Manufacturer, Nuutajärvi.

Item No. lem601. Pressed glass sugar bowl. Manufacturer, Nuutajärvi. Height 11 cm, diameter 11 cm, weight 262 g.
Inside the base of the text, Notsjö, embossed...

Product: 08153

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Cereal plate, Talonpoika. (Son of the house)

Item No. lah143.
Cereal plate, Talonpoika. (Son of the house)
Manufacturer, Humppila glass.
Height 3 cm, diameter 18 cm, weight 377 g...

Product: 04935

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Arabia, appetizer plate

Product no aa210.
Arabia appetizer plate. 1950's. Decoration is protected by glazing.
Diameter 19,5 cm.

Product: 01254

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Arabia, serving plate, Blues, Heikki Orvola

Item No. ab857a. Arabia serving platter, Blues.
Design, Heikki Orvola. Year, 1993-1998. Height 3.5 cm, width 36 cm x 23 cm.

Product: 02701

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Price: 90.00 €

Arabia, coffee cup, Ali, Raija Uosikkinen

Item No. lah234. Arabia coffee cup, Ali. Design, Raija Uosikkinen. Year, 1965-74. Weight 191 g. Kaarina Aho model FC Puzzle hard earthenware (1963-74) and Raija Uosikkisen weight of copper ornaments, Ali (1965-74)...

Product: 05029

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Arabia, serving plate, Faenza, a black band, Peter Winqvist

Item No. lah779 Arabia, serving plate, Faenza, a black band. Design: Peter Winqvist. Year, 1973-1979. Diameter 30 cm, weight 890 g. Dishwasher safe, from the oven to the table. Tiny remark ornament glazing, top of the image...

Product: 05570

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Arabia, bun plate, Vanamo, Esteri Tomula

Item No. ad105 Arabia bun plate, Vanamo.

Design, Esteri Tomula. Year, 1973-1974. Diameter 17 cm. Weight 0.193 kg.

Product: 03959

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Arabia, soup pot, Irma, Tyra Lundgren

Product no ab854.
Arabia soup pot, Irma. Design, Tyra Lundgren.Years, 1951-1958.
Height 21 cm, diameter 25 cm.

Product: 02686

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