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Arabia, appetizer / salad plate, Talvikki, Raija Uosikkinen

Product no ac563.
Arabia, appetizer / salad plate, Talvikki.
Model C. Design, Richard Lind. Ornament, Raija Uosikkinen. Years,  1967-1974.
Material porcelain.
Diameter 21,5 cm, weight 320 g.
C-tableware designed by Richard Lindh new Poslit-faience, which could be made thinner and lighter but also..

Product: 03324

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Beer stein, Marski, Tapio Wirkkala

Product no jk024.
Beer stein, Marski.
Design: Tapio Wirkkala. Iittala's catalog from 1966.
Height 17,8 cm, width og thw mouth hole 5,8 cm.

Product: 00901

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Art ceramics bowl, made by hand

Item No. lah324. Art ceramics bowl. Made by hand. Signed by the artist, AH. Height 4 cm, diameter 15.5 cm, weight 341 g...

Product: 05118

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Iittala glass Moomin, Moomin and the Martians.

Item No. at177.
Iittala glass Moomin, Moomin and the Martians. Year 2011-2012.
Decoration: Tove Slotte. Shape, Kartio, Kaj Franck.
Height 8 cm, diameter 8 cm...

Product: 394507

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Arabia, bread plate, Lotta

Product no ac244.
Arabia bread plate, Lotta. 1930's.
Diameter 17 cm.

Product: 03060

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Arabia Moomin jug, 1 liter, Adventure. Design, Tove Jansson / Tove Slotte-Elevant.

Article no. de784.
Arabia Moomin jug, 1 liter, Adventure.
Design, Tove Jansson / Tove Slotte-Elevant.
Year, 2009-2013.
Height 14.5 cm, diameter 10 cm...

Product: 647565

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Drinking glass, Astor, Saara Hopea

Item No. ad304 Drinking glass, Astor. Design, Saara Hopea. Height 14.2 cm, diameter 6.5 cm. Weight 0.188 kg...

Product: 03887

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Arabia, Art bottle, Story

Item No. at296.
Arabia Arts Department. The Story series.
Decoration design: Eira Käär and Leena Vuorinen.
The model designer unknown.
The production of the years 1954-1964.
Scraping technology.
Height 21 cm, width 8 cm...

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