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Arabia, Arctica Resta coffee cup, Inkeri Leivo

Tuote nro lah611.

Arabia, Arctica Resta, coffee cup. Model: KS, Arctica, Inkeri Leivo. Vuosi: 1979.

Weight 212 g.

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Arabia, coffee cup, Uhtua, Inkeri Leivo

Product no aa117.
Arabia coffee cup, Uhtua. Design: Inkeri Leivo. 1970's.
Height 7,5 cm.

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Arabia coffee cup, retro. Blow ornament.

Item No. lem689. Arabia coffee cup, retro. Blow ornament. The cup does not stamp.
Stamp is under the plate  5-74  (year 1974) The cup height of 6 cm, diameter 7 cm, total weight 273 g...

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