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Arabia appetizer / bread plates, Tunturi, Olga Osol

Item No. lem535. Arabia appetizer / bread plates, Fell. Design, Olga Osol. Stamp, 1964-71. Diameter 20 cm, weight 471 g. Brownish gray stripe...

Product: 07949

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Arabia, mocha cup, Svea Granlund

Product no ar193.
Arabia, mocha cup.
Model: RE, Svea Granlund.
In use: 1942-1974, 1984-1992.
This piece is from 1940's.

Product: 00260

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Arabia, bread plate, Kauris, Rainer Baer

Product no lah077.
Arabia bread plate, Kauris. Design: Rainer Baer. Years: 1940-1946.
Diameter 17.5 cm, weight 186 g.
Image Transfer No. 3614, which was designed by Stone Weight Turku artist Rainer Baer, has received the goods market, the old name of Capricorn. Sometimes it is mixed with Diana ornament..

Product: 04869

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Arabia bun plate, blue and gold stripe decoration

Item No. lah908.
Arabia bun plate, blue and gold stripe decoration.
Year, 1932-49, pipe stamp.
Diameter 15.4 cm, weight 156 g...

Product: 05698

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Arabia, sauce boat, Tähkä, Raija Uosikkinen.

Product no aa272.
Arabia sauce boat, Tähkä. Design, Raija Uosikkinen.Ornament pressed by silk technique.
Beginning of 1960's.
Height 8 cm, diameter of the top part 19,5 cm.

Product: 01307

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Small pastry plate, Säde, beam. Design, Göran Hongell. Diameter 14 cm.

Item No. lam989. Small pastry plate, Säde, beam. Design, Göran Hongell. Diameter 14 cm, weight 166 g...

Product: 07903

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Dessert bowl

Product no jl009.
Dessert bowl.
Height 6,5 cm, diameter 12,5 cm.

Product: 00490

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Arabia, serving plate, Anemone, Raija Uosikkinen

Item No. ab603. Arabia serving plate, Anemone. Design, Raija Uosikkinen. Year, 1961-1976. Diameter 32 cm. Hand-painted decoration...

Product: 02463

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