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Arabia, wall plate, Rosa Elisabeth, Esteri Tomula

Product no ac14.
Arabia wall plate, Rosa Elisabeth. Design: Esteri Tomula.
Width 12 cm, height 12 cm.

Product: 02842

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Price: 50.00 €

Arabia, coffeepot, Pirtti, Raija Uosikkinen

Product no ac124.
Arabia coffeepot, Pirtti. Design, Raija Uosikkinen. Enamel.
Height 16,5 cm, diameter 15,5 cm.

Product: 02943

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Price: 75.00 €

Arabia, bun plate, Myrna. Design, Olga Osol.

Item No. lam609. Arabia, bun plate, Myrna. Design, Olga Osol. Model AX, Myrna transfer photograph. Stamp, 1949-64. Diameter 17.4 cm, weight, 198 g.
Note! some of the flowers are slightly darker Year: 1937-2005 Design: Olga Osol The late 1930s, the production was designed by Olga Osolin Empire-style..

Product: 07895

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Arabia, statue, lion, Howard Smith

Product no ac64.
Arabia statue, lion. Design, Howard Smith.
Height 16,5 cm, width 15 cm x 7 cm.

Product: 02885

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Price: 245.00 €

Arabia, teapot, Otso, Raija Uosikkinen

Product No. ac503. Arabia teapot, Otso.
Desing, decoration, Raija Uosikkinen. Model S, Ulla Procope. Year, 1975-78. Stoneware.
Height 11 cm, diameter 15.5 cm, weight 1.038 cm...

Product: 04503

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Price: 85.00 €

Arabia, bread plate

Product no aa812.
Arabia bread plate. Diameter 16 cm. Year: 1961.
Model: FG. Decoration: 3523. Hard faience.

Product: 01788

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Arabia, teapot, Valencia, Ulla Procopé

Product no ab693.
Arabia teapot, Valencia. Design, Ulla Procopé.
Height 15 cm, diameter 12 cm.
Ulla Procope was designed by the ND-Valencia in 1960, initially in the fruit and cheese tableware, parts of which were a big platter, fruit plates and three different types of candle feet. A great colorful..

Product: 02563

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Glass pitcher. Design, Nanny Still

Item No. lam30. Glass pitcher. Design, Nanny Still. Riihimäki glass. Year 1950s. SV Series. Height 34.5 cm, bottom diameter 10.5 cm, weight 1035 kg...

Product: 06746

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