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Arabia, bread plate, blue-gray landscape

No. ae262.

Arabia, bread plate, blue-gray landscape. Year, 1964-71.

Diameter 17.2 cm, weight 166 g.

Copper weight ornamental landscape.

Year: 1936-1975
Model: Reinhard Richter

As model was aimed at the export market to compete with the English tableware. It turned out to be from the beginning of the sales success of the home. Exporting countries' special needs of the increased range of more than 50 container object. Dinner was around fifty different types of embellishments - copper prints, decals, decorative stamping and tracks.

Among the first was a landscape decoration, which was introduced in England in the 1700s. Edge decoration around a rich floral motif and the central decoration is a variety of perspectives to the English rural landscape, often palatial, mills, boats, cows, trees, human beings. Arabia landscape decoration originally came as early as 1882 Rörstrand through. Rörstrand decoration was put into production in the 1860s.

The revamped landscape decorations for the re-engraved copper plates, "in particular, Arabic for" as the flyer says. Initially, an embellishment made ​​dark blue, and later came under the red, green, brown, black (gray) and green-blue (1940-50 figures). A dark blue version, however, remained the longest in the production of the AS-model always ending up, by the year 1975. At that time, was abolished in the Arabian copper by weight, when the weight of any other copper ornaments are no longer made ​​after this. AS the blue landscape to the story, however, was still 1980-90, the figures at the turn of a new twist, as when a mail order Arabia (Arabia Fantasy) commissioned a short time for such a model coffee cups in exotic lands.
Landscapes of different times, however, to distinguish between the very stamp of the factory.

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