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Arabia, sauceboat, Kilta, Kaj Franck

Item No. lak958.

Arabia sauce bowl, Guild. Design, Kaj Franck.

Height 12 cm, diameter 18.2 cm, weight 967 g.


year: 1953-75
format: Kaj Franck
material: hard earthenware

During the reconstruction period was a remarkable set of dishes for new Guild, Kaj Franck-minded reflection and the need for an in-depth analysis of the results. For continuous families it was possible to buy just the needs of a suitable configuration or separate parts of containers to complement parents' home. Basic geometric shapes and pure color glazes facilitated the harmonious fusion, smooth surfaces clean. Stacks of new homes was important for small storage areas. The series first object, whipped cream bottle of suitable transport, serving and storing. The same versatility was marked by other containers, with the result that the number of different components could be regarded as relatively limited.

The Guild also had a cheap set of dishes. It became overly popular with both domestic and export markets. Franck received the production Grand Prix at the Milan Triennial in 1957. Twenty years after the sale, the Guild of 21.5 million-object.

Of the 1970s oil crises, the price pressure, but price controls prevented its implementation. Our strict quality standards and the difficulty of manufacturing reduced the profitability of the Guild, so it was decided to stop.

Guild returned to production in 1981 under the name of the theme. Frank wanted to make small changes to the container line and objects in context. The material was new, porcelain vitro. According to Franck, set of dishes was not what it once was, so the name was repeated.

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