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Arabia, coffee cup, Reimari, Inkeri Leivo

Product no ac634.

Arabia coffee cup, Reimari. Design, Inkeri Leivo. 1970's.

Weight 245 g.

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Arabia, coffee cup. Design, Toini Muona

Item No. lah604. Arabia, coffee cup. Design, Toini Muona. Year, 1932-1949, pipe stamp. Weight 166 g. This model is got it was prepared from 1936 to 39. Ornament is hand-painted silver stripes, and decal decoration in 2387. Other items in the series: ac818, lah604, lah605, lah606, lah607...

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Arabia, coffee cup, Reinhard Richter

Product no ar160.
Arabia, coffee cup. Model: LL.
Design: Reinhard Richter. Years: 1940-1952.

Product: 00229

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