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Arabia, coffee cup, Savoie, Camilla Moberg

Product no ac394.

Arabia, coffee cup, Savoie. Design, Inkeri Leivo.

Year, 1980's.

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Arabia, coffee cup, Vuokko, Raija Uosikkinen

Product no ab860.
Arabia coffee cup, Vuokko. Design, Raija Uosikkinen.
Years: 1956-1968.
Sings of use.

Product: 510673

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Arabia, coffee cup, Faenza, Inkeri Seppälä

Product no aa651.
Arabia, coffee cup, Faenza, blue flower. Design: Inkeri Seppälä. Years: 1973-1979.
Height 6 cm, diameter 7,8 cm.
Peter Winquistin VG-appointed dishes Faenza, when it was awarded the prestigious Italian ceramics in the Biennale in 1970. Arabia's production of Faenza, dishes was 1973-79..

Product: 01611

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Price: 30.00 €
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