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Sugar bowl, ground glass

Product no ab477.
Sugar bowl, ground glass. Finnish. Height 6,5 cm, diameter 13 cm.

Product: 02333

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Arabia wall plate, Kalevala, Lemminkäinen and the virgins of the Island

Item No. ad358.
  Arabia wall plate, Lemminkäinen and the virgins of the Island.
  Akseli Gallen-Kallela, the jubilee year 1985.
  Diameter 22.7 cm, weight 643 g.


Product: 586943

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Price: 75.00 €

Candlestick / candleholder. Tris, Alfredo Häberli, Iittala.

Item No. lam550.
Candlestick / candleholder. Tris, Ultramarine blue.
Design, Alfredo Häberli, Iittala.
Height 7 cm, diameter of about 8 cm, weight 375 g.
Pressed glass, bottom of the text. iittala..

Product: 07213

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Price: 25.00 €

Glass vase, Mesimarja, Arctic raspberry, Tamara Aladin

Product no lm030.
Glass vase, Mesimarja (Arctic raspberry). Design, Tamara Aladin, Riihimäen Lasi. 1970's.
Reversible, also a candlestick.
Height 11 cm.

Product: 00612

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Arabia, creamer, Apila

Product no aa472.
Arabia creamer, Apila. Year: 1947-1960.
Height 10 cm.

Product: 01455

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Arabia, sugar bowl, Kilta, Kaj Franck

Item No. lak215. Arabia sugar bowl, Guild. Design, Kaj Franck. Year, 1950 Height 6.5 cm, diameter 10.5 cm, weight 394 g.
year: 1953-75 format: Kaj Franck material: hard earthenware During the reconstruction period was a remarkable set of dishes for new Guild, Kaj Franck-minded reflection and..

Product: 06007

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Glass vase, Hyrrä, Helena Tynell

Product no lm064.
Glass vase, Hyrrä. Design, Helena Tynell. Year 1959.
Height 15,5 cm, mouth's width 9 cm.

Product: 00979

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Arabia sauce boat, Suomen kukka (Finnish Flower), red.

Product no aa142.
Arabia sauce boat, Suomen kukka (Finnish Flower), red.
Year, 1950's.
Minor darkening, manufacturing error inside the saucepan under the glaze...

Product: 722719

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