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Arabia deep plate, black and white, Paradise, (Paratiisi).

Item No. lam947. Arabia deep plate, black and white, Paradise, (Paratiisi). Design, Birger Kaipiainen. Production ceased in 2011. Height 5 cm, diameter 16.5 cm, weight 432 g. Designed in 1969. The rich decoration was at its peak Arabian artist Birger Kaipiainen Paradise service, which was launched..

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Cake tray, Grapponia, Nanny Stil

Product no ab151.
Cake tray, Grapponia. Design: Nanny Stil.
Height 10,5 cm, diameter 22,8 cm.

Product: 02026

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Arabia ashtray. Luster glaze, tower stamp 1917-27

Item No. at417.
Arabia ashtray. Luster glaze, tower stamp 1917-27.
Diameter 12 cm...

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Bun plate, Rörstrand. Year, the 1930-40 century.

Item No. lem929.
Bun plate, Rörstrand. Year, the 1930-40 century.
Diameter 18 cm.
Similar products in lem931, lem928...

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Arabia, serving bowl, Kosmos, Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist

Product no ab586.
Arabia serving bowl, Kosmos. Design: Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist. Year, 1970's.
Height 5 cm, diameter 13,5 cm.
The cosmos is Gunvor Olin-Görnqvist designed S tableware decoration, which has been used imaginatively blown ornament modeled and the color of glaze. Cosmos decoration was used..

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Arabia vase, Karl Heinz Schultz-Köln

Item No. lak810.
Arabia vase. Design, Karl-Heinz Schultz-Köln. Year, 1964-71.
Height 26 cm, width 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm, weight 561 g...

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Arabia, oven stew, Koralli, Raija Uosikkinen

Product no ab326.
Arabia oven stew, Koralli.
Decorative, Raija Uosikkinen. Model S, Ulla Procope. Year, 1983-87. Stoneware.
Height 13,5 cm, diameter 22 cm.

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Arabia, serving plate, Kauris, Rainer Baer

Product No. lah169. Arabia, herring plate, Capricorn. Design, Rainer Baer. Year, 1940-1946, pipe stamp. Height 4 cm, width 27 cm x 20 cm, weight 596 g. Image Transfer No. 3614, which was designed by Stone Weight Turku artist Rainer Baer, has received the goods market, the old name of Capricorn..

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