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Creamer, Riihimäen lasi

Product no ab598.
Finnish creamer. Manufacturer: Riihimäen lasi.
Height 11,5 cm, diameter 6,5 cm.

Product: 02451

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Arabia, milk jug, Saara, Anja Jaatinen-Winqvist

Product No. ae047. Arabia, milk jug, Saara. Design, Anja Jaatinen-Winqvist. Year, 1971-76. Height 16 cm, diameter 11 cm, weight 970 g. Stone production of goods was to increase Arabia. Anja Jaatinen-Winquist was commissioned to design a model for a new set of dishes. M-tableware is known for ornamental..

Product: 04147

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Price: 150.00 €

Arabia, soup pot

Product no ar018.
Arabia, soup pot.
Model AS. 1950's.

Product: 00294

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Arabia, low dinner plate, Loisto, Olga Osoll

Item No. lah931. Arabia, low  dinner plate, Shine. Design, Olga Osoll. Year, 1932-49, pipe stamp. Diameter 25 cm, weight 460 g...

Product: 05719

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Price: 35.00 €

Ash tray, lyster glass

Product no aa38.
Ash tray, lyster glass. Riihimäen lasi.
Height 4 cm, diameter 11,5 cm.

Product: 01071

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Arabia, fruit plate, Paju, Anja Jaatinen-Winquist

Item No. lah662. Arabia, fruit platter, Willow. Design, Anja Jaatinen-Winqvist. Year, 1969-1973. Diameter 35.5 cm, height 4 cm, weight 1,490 kg. Figure flare and minor comments glazing...

Product: 05457

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Price: 165.00 €

Arabia, appetizer plate, Kuutamo, Hilkka Liisa Ahola

Product no aa208.
Arabia appetizer plate, Kuutamo.
Design: Hilkka Liisa Ahola. Signed. Hand-painted.
Diameter 19,5 cm.

Product: 389559

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Price: 40.00 €

Domestic drinking glass 5023. Design, Kaj Franck

Item No. lak712. Domestic drinking glass 5023. Design, Kaj Franck, Nuutajärvi. Blown glass. Year, 1953-1966. Height 12.5 cm, diameter 8.3 cm, weight 374 g.

Product: 06458

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