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Arabia, milk-jug, Ihanne

Product no ar015.
Arabia, milk-jug, Ihanne (Ideal).
Years, 1949-64.
AX-ideal set of dishes was intended for export, because the bottom is the importer's entry and, in addition to the crown stamp of 1949-64...

Product: 00291

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Domestic liqueur wine glass.

Item No. lem675.
Domestic liqueur wine glass.
Height 17 cm, diameter 6 cm, weight of 131 g...

Product: 08196

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Arabia, herring plate, Suomen kukka (Finnish flower)

Product no ac426.
Arabia herring plate, Suomen kukka (Finnish flower). Year: 1941-1958.
Height 2,5 cm, widht 23 cm x 13 cm.

Product: 03243

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Arabia big serving plate, Suvanto, Raija Uosikkinen

Item No. lak45. Arabia big serving plate, Suvanto.
Decorative, Raija Uosikkinen. Model S, Ulla Procope. Year, 1985-88. Stoneware. Diameter 33 cm, weight of 1.486 kg. Dishwasher safe...

Product: 05850

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Arabia, egg cup, Ruska, Ulla Procopé

Product no lah072.
Arabia oven stew, Ruska. Design: Ulla Procopé. Year, 1970's.
Height 4,5 cm, diameter 7,5 cm, weight 134 g.
Around the same time with Valencia, in 1960, became the production, designed by Ulla Procopé S dinnerware, which material was incomparably strong gray stoneware. Decoration..

Product: 536028

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Arabia, vase

Product no ar139.
Arabia, handpainted flower vase.

Product: 00190

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Arabia wall plate, Moomi, A nap in the sewing basket

Item No. lah279. Arabia wall plate, Moomi. A nap in the sewing basket.
Year, 1991-2002. Decoration, by Tove Jansson. Height 12 cm, width 12 cm, weight 155 g...

Product: 05062

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Liquer glass, domestic

Product no ab614.
Domestic liquer glass.
Height 7,5 cm, diameter 7,5 cm.

Product: 02464

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