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Glass vase, Lucullus, Nanny Stil

Item No. lak339. Glass vase, Lucullus. Design, Nanny Stil. Manufacturer, Riihimäki Glass, Crystal Finn. Year, 1967-1968. Height 25 cm, width 11 cm x 11 cm, weight 2,377 kg. Wear and tear at the top of the vase, and a tiny cleft...

Product: 06113

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Creamer, Lomonosov

Product lak857. Creamer. Lomonosov. Made in the USSR. Height 8.5 cm, diameter 7.5 cm, weight 147 g...

Product: 06587

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Price: 30.00 €

Creamer, Miranda, Heikki Orvola

Product no ab859.
Creamer, Miranda. Design: Heikki Orvola, Nuutajärven lasi.
Height 11cm, diameter 7 cm.

Product: 02695

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Price: 40.00 €

Arabia, tea cup, Kaira, Anja Jaatinen

Prouct no aa176.
Arabia, tea cup, Kaira. Hand-painted. Design, Anja Jaatinen. Year, 1970's.
Saucers have sings of use.

Product: 01215

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Art glass vase, Name Day. Design, Aimo Okkolin, Riihimäki glass.

Item No. lam181. Art glass vase, Name Day. Design, Aimo Okkolin, Riihimäki glass. Height 23.5 cm, diameter 7 cm, weight 910 g. Not signed...

Product: 06883

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Arabia, bread plate, Olki

Product no ab97.
Arabia bread plate, Olki. 1980's.

Product: 01957

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Domestic glass jug, Iittala

Item No. ad415. Glass jug, native. Manufacturer, Iittala. Height 24.5 cm, diameter 8.5 cm, weight 567 g...

Product: 03783

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Arabia Art ceramic bowl. Design, Anna-Lisa Vainio.

Item No. lem001. Arabia Art ceramic bowl. Design, Anna-Lisa Vainio. Arabia arts and crafts department. The bottom of the signature, AL-2. Year, 1953. Height 3.7 cm, width 25 cm x 21 cm, weight 714 g...

Product: 07483

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