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Coffee Cup, Hiisi.

Item No. dc186.
Coffee Cup, Hiisi. Made without pattern.
Designed by Risto Paatero and finalized by Peter Winquist, 1973.
Pentik Ky.
Height 6 cm, diameter 7 cm.

Product: 754355

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Arabia jam jar / honey jar, Pomona. Design, Raija Uosikkinen. Year, 1971.

Item No. lem540. Arabia jam jar / honey jar, Pomona. Design, Raija Uosikkinen. Year, 1971. Height 8.5 cm, diameter 10 cm, weight 313 g. A small note on the bottom, a small piece off, shown in Figure 2, on the bottom left...

Product: 07936

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Glass vase, Ella, Nanny Still

Product no aa460.
Glass vase, Ella. Design: Nanny Still, Riihimäen lasi. 1970's.
Height 17 cm, diameter 12,5 cm.
Minor injurys.

Product: 01443

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Price: 70.00 €

Wall plate, Suomen Presidentit / Finnish presidents

Product no ae662.
Arabia wall plate, Suomen Presidentit / Finnish presidents. Kyösti Kallio.
The plate is designed by Veikko Roininen, it belongs to a collection series called "Suomen presidentit/Finnish presidents". It's manufactured by Arabia and only one batch is made.
Year: 1983. Diameter..

Product: 04653

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Art plate, Fish. Nuutajärvi Boutique.

Item no. de852. Art plate, Fish. Nuutajärvi Boutique. The sticker on the plate is worn. Diameter 16 cm.

Product: 656563

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Price: 45.00 €

Arabia, serving plate, Pekka

Product no ae798.
Arabia serving plate, Pekka.  (figure such as Pekka, but brighter)
Diameter 33 cm, weight 1,067 kg.
FQ tableware decorations is best known for the years 1934-56, Pekka. Pekka has glaze below, raw, unfired object painted with cobalt stripes, the color is often absorbed by the porous..

Product: 04771

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Arabia, creamer

Prduct no aa346.
Arabia, creamer. 1960's. Height 6 cm, diameter of the mouth 5,5 cm.

Product: 01372

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Crystal bowl

Product no kr016.
Height 10 cm, diameter 22,5 cm.
Ground crystal, domestic.

Product: 00138

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