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Wall plate, Tallberg 1880-1980

Product No. sl010.
This Arabia Finland plate is made of a limited number of Oy Julius Tallberg Ab's  1880-1980, 100-th anniversary. Year 1980.

Product: 00703

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Price: 50.00 €

Arabia, low dinner plate, Mainikki

Product No. ae466. Arabia low dining plate, swell. Year, 1932-49, pipe stamp. Diameter 24.5 cm, weight 445 g...

Product: 04477

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Price: 35.00 €

Arabia low dining plate, cornflower and daisy

Item No. lak448. Arabia low dining plate, cornflower and daisy. Year, 1971. Diameter 23.2 cm, weight 408 g...

Product: 06219

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Price: 35.00 €

Arabia, mocha cup, Maja, year 1959

Product no aa622.
Arabia mocha cup, Maja. "Annual cup", from 1959.

Product: 01591

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Price: 45.00 €

Cocktail glass, domestic.

Item No. lam285. Cocktail glass, domestic. Height 9 cm, diameter 7.8 cm, weight 63 g...

Product: 06981

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Arabia, low dinner plate, Faenza

Item No. ad171 Arabia, low dining plate, Faenza, a black band. Design, Peter Winqvist. Year: 1973-1979. Diameter 24 cm. Weight 0.431 kg....

Product: 04181

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Glass vase, Tapio Wirkkala

Item No. ad405. Glass Vase. Designer, Tapio Wirkkala, Iittala. Signed. Height 19 cm, diameter 8 cm, weight 1247 kg. Slightly scratched...

Product: 03742

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Price: 155.00 €

Arabia, sugar bowl, Valencia, Ulla Procopé

Product no ae694.
Arabia, sugar bowl, Valencia. Design: Ulla Procopé. Year, 1960's.
The last hand-painted decoration.
Height 10 cm, diameter 10.5 cm, weight 427 g.
Ulla Procope was designed by the ND-Valencia in 1960, initially in the fruit and cheese tableware, parts of which were a big platter..

Product: 04681

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Price: 125.00 €