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Arabia, soup pot, Talvikki, Raija Uosikkinen.

Product no ar002.
Arabia, soup pot, Talvikki.
Model C, Richard Lind. Ornament Raija Uosikkinen.
Years 1967-1974.
Material poslit.
Height 15 cm, width 22 cm x 18 cm, weight 228 g.

C-tableware designed by Richard Lindh new Poslit-faience, which could be made thinner and lighter but also stronger..

Product: 00285

Stock: 2 pcs

Price: 135.00 €

Beer glass, Otso. Design, Saara Hopea, Nuutajärvi glass. Year, 1958-60.

Product lem008. Beer glass, Otso. Design, Saara Hopea, Nuutajärvi glass. Year, 1958-60. Height 15 cm, diameter 8.2 cm, weight 358 g...

Product: 07996

Stock: 2 pcs

Price: 45.00 €

Small glass vase, floral design, Riihimäki glass.

Item No. lem552. Small glass vase, floral design, Riihimäki glass. Height 11.5 cm, diameter 7.5 cm, weight 291 g. Pressed glass...

Product: 08071

Stock: 1 pcs

Price: 55.00 €

Arabia, creamer, Omar, Storybirds, Kati Tuominen-Niittylä

Producut no aa493.
Arabia creamer, Storybirds: Omar. Design: Kati Tuominen-Niittylä. 1990's.
Tonnage 1 dl.

Product: 01470

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Price: 70.00 €

Arabia, appetizer plate, Kuutamo, Hilkka Liisa Ahola

Product no aa208.
Arabia appetizer plate, Kuutamo.
Design: Hilkka Liisa Ahola. Signed. Hand-painted.
Diameter 19,5 cm.

Product: 389559

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Price: 40.00 €

Arabia wall plate, Muumi , Moomin Ball

Product no ac691.
Arabia wall plate, Moomin Ball, Muumi. Year, 2005-2007.
Width 12 cm, height 12 cm, weight 160 g.

Product: 03437

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Price: 125.00 €

Wall plate, Jaana Aalto

Product no lah086.
Design: Jaana Aalto. Red Cross collection, year 1988-89.
Diameter 12 cm x 12 cm, weight 184 g...

Product: 685534

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Price: 35.00 €

Arabia coffee cup, Hand-painted.

Product No. ae448. Arabia coffee cup. Hand-painted. Weight, 196 g...

Product: 04453

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