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Sugar Bowl, Hiisi. Designed by Risto Paatero and finalized by Peter Winquist, 1973.

Item No. dc185.
Sugar Bowl, Hiisi.
Designed by Risto Paatero and finalized by Peter Winquist, 1973.
Pentik Ky.
Height 5 cm, diameter 10 cm, weight 228 g...

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Arabia, serving tray, Talvikki, Raija Uosikkinen

Product no ac719.
Arabia, serving tray, Talvikki.
Model C. Design, Richard Lind. Ornament, Raija Uosikkinen. Years, 1967-1974.
Material porcelain.
Diameter 32,5 cm, weight 1.130 kg.

C-tableware designed by Richard Lindh new Poslit-faience, which could be made thinner and lighter but also stronger..

Product: 03494

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Glass bear, Igor, Pertti Santalahti

Product no pk045.
Glass bear casted in mould, Igor.
Height 10,5 cm, width 9,5 cm.
Design, Pertti Santalahti, Humppila.
Year, 1981-1986.

Product: 00581

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Art glass vase. Design, Tapio Wirkkala, Iittala

Item no kam094.
Art glass vase. Design, Tapio Wirkkala, Iittala.
Height 16 cm, width 11 cm x 8.4 cm, weight 1.541 kg.
Signature, Tapio Wirkkala 5502. Year, 1959-1969.
Stick to the mold-blown, color curtain gray, sand dimming, polishing...

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Arabia bun tray, Moderna. Pipe stamp.

Item No. at101.
Arabia bun tray, Moderna. Pipe stamp.
Diameter 27.5 cm...

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Arabia vase, Karl Heinz Schultz-Köln

Item No. ad367.
Arabia vase. Design, Karl Heinz Schultz-Köln.
Year, 1950-60's.
Height 21.4 cm, width 5.8 cm, weight 408 g...

Product: 03768

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Arabia, low plate, Kosmos, Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist

Product no ab358.
Arabia low plate, Kosmos. Design: Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist.
Diameter 25,5 cm. Hand-painted.
The cosmos is Gunvor Olin-Görnqvist designed S tableware decoration, which has been used imaginatively blown ornament modeled and the color of glaze. Cosmos decoration was used in 1962-76. The..

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Drinking glass

Product no jv032.
Height 9 cm.
Five pices. Price 20 €/pcs.

Product: 00122

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