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Arabia, coffee cup, Mainikki

Product no aa753.
Arabia coffee cup, Mainikki. 1930's, pipe stamp.

Product: 01726

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Bread Plate. Manufacturer, Rörstrand, Sweden

Item No. at476.
Bread Plate. Manufacturer, Rörstrand, Sweden.
Diameter 17.2 cm.
There are slight signs of use...

Product: 395591

Stock: 8 pcs

Price: 10.00 €

Arabia, salt shaker, Marja, Esteri Tomula

Product no ac524.
Arabia salt shaker, Berry.
Design, Esteri Tomula. Year, 1959-1975.
Height 4 cm, diameter 3 cm.

Product: 03616

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Arabia oval serving bowl / bowl of potato, Blue Landscape.

Item No. de390.
Arabia oval serving bowl / bowl of potato, Blue Landscape.
Year, 1960.
Height 5 cm, width 18.5 cm x 24.5 cm. Year: 1936-1975 Design: Reinhard Richter..

Product: 543892

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Arabia sugar bowl, Katrilli, Esteri Tomula

Product No. ae427. Arabia sugar bowl, Katrilli. Design, Esteri Tomula. Year, 1975-81. Height 9.5 cm, diameter 9.2 cm, weight 334 g. Seri image is decorative Katrilli Esteri Tomulas designed. Production, it has been years 1975-77 still in its original, hard faience tableware made ​​from..

Product: 04436

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Arabia, bun plate, Forte, Jussi Ahola

Product no ac817.
Arabia, bun plate, Forte. Design, Jussi Ahola. Year: 1980's.
Diameter 16,5 cm, weight 255 g.

Product: 384520

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Glass vase, Vellamo, Valto Kokko

Product no aa559.
Glass vase, Vellamo. Design: Oiva Kokko, Iittala. Year: 1986.
Height 18,5 cm, diameter 7,5 cm.

Product: 01542

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Crystal carafe

Product no lk045.
Crystal carafe.
Height 29 cm.

Product: 00680

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