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Arabia, sauce bottle, Kilta, Kaj Franck

Product rno lak661. Arabia sauce bottle, Guild. Design, Kaj Franck. Height about 12.5 cm, bottom diameter of 6.5 cm, weight 214 g.
year: 1953-75 format: Kaj Franck material: hard earthenware During the reconstruction period was a remarkable set of dishes for new Guild, Kaj Franck-minded reflection..

Product: 06409

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Small animal figure, Lomonosov

Product ae288.
Small animal figure. Manufacturer, Lomonosov, USSR.
Height 3.5 cm, width 4.5 cm x 2 cm, weight 19 g...

Product: 04302

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Cheese tray. Manufacturer, Humppila glass factory.

Item No. lam721. Cheese tray. Manufacturer, Humppila glass factory. Width 32 cm, height 19 cm, weight 967 g...

Product: 08003

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Arabia low dining plate, Tipla. Design, Raija Uosikkinen

Item No. lak562. Arabia low dining plate, Tipla. Model K.F. Design, Raija Uosikkinen. Stamp, 1964-71. Manufacturing 1956-61. Hand Painted. Protected by the glaze decoration. Height 2.5 cm, diameter 23.3 cm, weight 407 g...

Product: 06325

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Small plate

Product no lasl006.
Small plate.
Diameter 14,5 cm.

Product: 00844

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Arabia, sauceboat, Fennica, Richard Lindh

Product no ab214.
Arabia sauceboat, Fennica. Design, Richard Lindh. Years, 1982-1984.
Height 8 cm, diameter 14 cm.
Ulla Procopé S model dishes prepared during the period 1960-2000. Richar Lindh Fennica decoration (painted brown stripe) was used in 1982-84 and the Saimaa decoration (painted blue stripe)..

Product: 02081

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Arabia, herring plate, Irja, Reinhard Richter

Product no ac737.
Arabia herring plate. 1940's, pipestamp.
Height 3 cm, width 21,5 cm x 125 cm, weight 243 g.
Reinhard Richter AS model and Irja-called ornamental, which is printed in gold color soaked rubber stamp. Gold stamped decoration Irja is from 1940-44. Irja is a "laugh" and "crying" version..

Product: 03512

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Arabia, sugar bowl & creamer

Product no ar076.
Creamer Height 7,5 cm, width 9,5 cm.
Sugar bowl height 4 cm, width 9,5 cm.

Product: 00200

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