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Arabia flower pot. Design, Richard Lindh

Item No. lem767.
Arabia flower pot. Design, Richard Lindh.
Model SN.
Height 11,2 cm, diameter 13 cm.
Dirt inside the pot, which does not go away with washing...

Product: 667407

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Arabia, sugar bowl, Seita, Raija Uosikkinen

Product no ab745.
Arabia sugar bowl, Seita. Design: Raija Uosikkinen. 1970's.
Height 10 cm, diameter 12,5 cm.

Product: 02600

Stock: 1 pcs

Price: 40.00 €

Drinking glass, Wellamo, Valto Kokko

Product no ab825.
Drinking glass, Wellamo. Design: Valto Kokko, Iittala.
Height 9 cm, diameter 6 cm.

Product: 02662

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Price: 15.00 €

Arabia, salad bowl, Valencia, Ulla Procopé

Product no ab777.
Arabia salad bowl, Valencia, Design: Ulla Procopé.
Height 8,7 cm, diameter 17,5 cm.
Ulla Procope was designed by the ND-Valencia in 1960, initially in the fruit and cheese tableware, parts of which were a big platter, fruit plates and three different types of candle feet. A great..

Product: 02622

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Arabia oval serving bowl, Fenno, Aune Laukkanen

Product No. ae596. Arabia oval serving bowl, Fenno. Design, Aune Laukkanen. Year, 1949-64. Height 6 cm, width 30.5 cm x 22.7 cm, weight 686 g...

Product: 04588

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Arabia, Christmas plate, a bear. Design, Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist

Item No. lak787. Arabia, Christmas plate, a bear. Design, Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist. Year 1986. Width 12 cm, height 12 cm, weight 129 g...

Product: 06518

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Price: 80.00 €

Liquer glass, Saara Hopea

Product no aa568.
Liquer glass. Design: Saara Hopea, Nuutajärvi.
Height 8,5 cm, diameter 6,5 cm.

Product: 505132

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Arabia, oven stew, Tilda, Design, Pia Törnell

Product no ar130.
Height 10,5 cm, width 20 cm.
Oven safe, Tilda bowl. Design, Pia Törnell.
Annual stamp: 1981

Product: 00213

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